Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Community Focus!

 There are no words, or phrases I could say that could express the gratitude I feel for everyone who has supported me in my journey in becoming a published author. Your kind, heart-felt words mean so much to me. It is such an honor to touch so many lives. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wilson Mooney Release Party!

If there is one thing in the world that could humble you faster than being caught with your pants down around your ankles, it is being asked to read the first chapter of a book you wrote to a packed house. Okay call me a doofus; but in my mind, I thought who would want to hear me read, the first chapter of Wilson Mooney? I mean come on; there was amazing food, extraordinary people, and blended Skip and Go Nakeds to taste. We were in this beautiful home, celebrating the release of Wilson. Who would want something more??? Well I guess the people who came to share in the excitement of my debut novel wanted more. They wanted to hear the inflection of Wilson’s words and the inner most thoughts she shared using my voice.

I sat on the thin cushioned bench of a bay window. In front of me people busied themselves to settle in for an experience I chalked up as strange—they identified as creative. I soaked in the salts of vulnerability as I looked out in front of me. Every eye, every mouth, every moment of their anticipation began to fuel within me a love that ignited an ease that splashed from my head down to my toes. The music that danced slight in the air tangled delicately with the mood; like a faint glow that gave you a freedom to move through the darkness. The hush of the people, the clearing of my throat, and as the words I created poured passed my lips—chills vibrated throughout my entire body; it was their laughter and sighs, cued as perfect as I could have ever imagined, that filled the room. I shared with them an intimate look into my relationship with characters that only existed in my head a year and a half earlier and they gave me the confidence that what I wrote was worthy of their time.

If you asked me how I felt that night; I would have to say, humbled, amazed, proud, touched, fulfilled, grateful and of course, scared shitless!

Thank you for sharing a magical night with me! Whether you were there in body or spirit, I felt all your support and love.

One big thank you—I must shout out to the crew and contributors who made the release party such a success; Becky, Nana, Kathi, Debbie, Karley, Grandma K, Joe, Ed, Katerina, Melissa, Connie, Jared, Josh, Kyle, Nick and Nate (God don’t let me forget anyone and if I did, I am so sorry and will catch you on the flip-side).