Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Covers for the Wilson Mooney Series!

I just wanted you to see the new covers for the Wilson Mooney Series. Thank you Sommer Stein from Perfect Pear Creative and Toski Covey for their patience and creativity. And Liza Aharonovich for the amazing photos! 

Find your copies at:

Barnes and Noble 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beyond OUT to the World!

Beyond Eighteen is out to the world! Amazon is up and people are clicking….Barnes and Nobel is taking a little longer…keep checking back with their site. Smashwords is up but am still waiting on the approval for distribution to iTunes/iBooks.

So here are the links…

For all electronic platforms at here 

Nook at Barnes and Nobel…still waiting for link…

This has been one amazing journey. From the first time I starting writing Wilson’s story to the moment I wrote the last word on the screen. I’ve cried, laughed, became frustrated, loved it, hated it, and basically felt the entire gamut of emotions with this series. It has been a ride I only dreamed of. Thank you for making it a reality! Truly, without you, this couldn’t have taken place. Thank you for supporting my passion, thank you for cheering me on when it became difficult, thank you for letting Wilson and Max into your heart and most of all….thank you for letting me take you away from the realities of life so you could have some time with the characters that flooded my mind.

I love you all and honor you as a fan of the series.