Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got Your Book Cover...(coming soon)

I am getting really excited about the book cover.  My graphic designer, (okay it isn't like I own her, she is just totally amazing and I can't wait to show everyone her work) has really hit the nail on the head with the cover I wanted.  She is touching up the small changes and details we decided on. Soon, very soon, I will be releasing the cover art here on the WM blog, Written & Ready, and my website (and any other sites I can get to upload it).

As a matter of fact, I will  do a post introducing my graphic designer and her information, because when you see this cover, you are gonna want to have her do some designing for you.  The great thing about her is I gave her a few ideas and photos of what I wanted and she came back with great concepts.  She is a wonderful artist, amazing woman, and a professional.

So keep checking back for new posts about the release date of my debut novel, WILSON MOONEY ALMOST EIGHTEEN, and the amazing book cover design.

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  1. So excited you found the perfect cover for the book! Can't wait to see it!!