Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wilson's Journey

Alright~I sent off the first half of Wilson Mooney, Eighteen at Last, to the editor. Talk about butterflies swirling in your gut…I am so excited and so nervous all twisted together. I think about it and I feel the muscles in my cheeks tighten, a bubble bounces in the back of my throat, and the space behind my eyeballs glow! I can’t tell you what an amazing journey it has been to write the words that crowd my head and have people who love to read them!

It has been an incredible and life changing journey to create characters that resonate with people. I’ve been given the privilege to introduce you to characters that, not too long ago only existed in a place reserved in my mind, across my computer screen, and pages of a book. I have to admit, I don’t think I ever really knew the velocity in which the characters would find a place to live in your hearts.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I knew with every cell of my being, that there would be thousands of people across this country and in the world that would read Wilson’s story, and fall in love with her as much as I did. But to have people email or approach me and tell me how much Wilson helped them through painful moments and lonely nights; was more than I could have ever comprehended. In my wildest dreams I never imagined how amazing and utterly mind boggling this whole process was going to be. I am humbled by your support, touched by your patience and empowered by the unbridled gratitude that surges throughout my soul each and every day.

Letting Wilson and Max become part of the world was like watching one of my children grow up and interact in society without me; not in a sad or resentful way, but in a moment of pride and realization that I’ve done all that I know to prepare them to be in this world and keep their integrity.

I want to thank you for believing in Wilson and Max’s story, thank you for supporting my creative process as a writer, and thank you for sharing Wilson with your girlfriends when they needed her!

I can’t wait to hand the world Wilson Mooney, Eighteen at Last!

With gratitude and so it is…



  1. Gretchen, THANK YOU! I received your book as a gift two days ago, and I already finished it. What I love the most about the book is it's full of happy moments. I was afraid something would go wrong between Max and Wilson, but it never did. Thank you for that. I love happy stories. I really enjoyed that book, and just couldn't put it down. Do you know when the second book might be available? I can't wait! Also, are you planning to write more books about Wilson and Max? Thank you again. Anastasia

  2. Anastasia,
    I am so happy that you liked the book. I love to hear how you couldn't put it down! As of right now the second book is almost done. I have been working on it and am hoping to get it out asap. Thank you for taking a journey with me into Wilson's life and I hope you'll enjoy the 2nd book just as much as the 1st.

    With Gratitude,


  3. Thank you, Gretchen! I can't wait!