Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wilson Mooney, Eighteen at Last Teaser...

Alright ladies, here's a little bite for ya...

"Max glared at the floor for a postponed moment. His eyes slowly raked up my body. My skin burned and my vision blurred as my heartbeat bruised my lungs. It was agonizing to watch him take me in inch by inch. His expression tortured; his lips pulled in a severe line; his shoulders rounded like the whole world was dumped heavy across them. He opened his mouth and his nostrils flared as he began to speak words that must have caught somewhere between his heart and the back of his throat."

(Wilson Mooney, Eighteen at Last~2012)


  1. when would this be coming out?

  2. Hi Elis,
    I am working tirelessly to get WM2 out ASAP. I have a couple of chapters to finish. Once my editor finishes her first round of edits and my graphic designer has the cover, second round of edits, type-setting, upload, and order proofs... approve proofs...Whew...I'd better get busy! I did promise it would be out by 2012...I will keep everyone posted on my progress via this blog. Thank you so much for the question. Sorry for the long winded response.