Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beyond Eighteen Blurb and Cover Reveal...10 More Days!

Can you believe that in 10 days Beyond Eighteen will be out to the world? In 10 days…the series you fell in love with, will finish its run with its third and final book.

There’s this part of me that is breaking inside. I ache because I know there is a moment where I will sit at the computer and tap out lives that have nothing to do with Wilson and Max. And yet, there is this excitement that boils inside of me for the new characters that are dancing around my head. I can’t wait to introduce you to them, and their stories. My heart rate speeds up when I think that you are going to meet people who have nothing to do with the Wilson Mooney Series. It’s like the first day you bring home a friend or lover to meet your parents.

Today I am going to give you…my subscribers the first look at the blurb for book 3 and the new covers. Yeah, you read right…I reissued new covers for book 1 and 2.

Before you start screaming or emailing me…I want you to know…I loved the butterfly covers…but I needed the books to become something different when people saw the covers. I needed them to reflect what the story was about…and the butterflies just weren’t enough. At first the covers were my attempt to be different, but just as caterpillars morph into butterflies; my books needed to evolve into something that let people know it was a contemporary new adult romance.
Soooo…without further ado….here is the blurb for Beyond Eighteen and the three new book covers. 

Beyond Eighteen Blurb
Max Goldstein has been confronted by death, betrayal, and unwanted expectations. He must work to find the delicate balance of a love that has been tested and a family that has been broken. Returning to the warmth of Wilson’s arms, he finds the only place he can be truly healed. Unfortunately, teetering on the edge of losing everything he’s ever wanted, Max must make decisions that pull at his sense of responsibility and push at his desire to protect the life he’s found with Wilson.

When Wilson Mooney is thrust into adulthood, she never expects her childhood demons to come knocking. Struggling to balance the delicate nature of her relationship with Max and the burning sting of betrayal; Wilson realizes she must dig deep within her soul to find forgiveness. Will she allow circumstances out of her control to shape her future? Or will she find the strength and maturity to go beyond eighteen and have the life she desires with the man she loves?

Will Wilson and Max ever get to have their happily ever after?

Watch for Beyond Eighteen October 2nd, 2013. 

With Gratitude and Love,

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