Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Wilson Mooney Box Set with Additional Prequel, MAX is LIVE!


See what some have said about the Wilson Mooney Series!

"I give a lot of credit to Ms. de la O, she handled a sticky subject matter in a tasteful and yummy way. Max --- where was he student teaching when I was in high school? The drama, the desire, the secrets, the friends, the family. It all works its way into a great series that I want more and more." ~Amazon Customer

"From the very beginning of this series, I knew that Gretchen de la O had given us a gem. What I hadn't expected was the respectful, slow and magical transition from YA to more Adult. You literally feel like you are growing up with Wilson Mooney, our heroine of the series."
 ~ Desiree

"Loved Wilson and Max.. Gretchen has a way with her words that lets you live through the character.. She brings the story to life. I felt the pain, sorrows and joys for each character."
 ~ Summertime Book Blog 

THE WILSON MOONEY BOX SET includes all 3 full length novels in the series plus, MAX, A WILSON MOONEY PREQUEL, bonus material only available in the box set. Experience this steamy yet delicate, heart breaking yet healing collection of stories that will work Max Goldstein and Wilson Mooney into your hearts forever. A sexy New Adult teacher-student romance that overcomes the taboo and embodies the purest of intentions, even in the sexiest of moments.

Max Goldstein has always been expected to take over his family’s business. But, when a tragedy strikes in his sophomore year at the University of Michigan, he decides to choose his passion over the expectations of others. When he accepts a teaching job of his dreams in California, Max has no idea his world is about to change forever when Wilson Mooney walks into his classroom.

Priced at $3.99 you get 3 full length novels & MAX, A Prequel for less than $1 a book!


THE WILSON MOONEY BOX SET is only available electronically. 

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